About Us

Welcome to 50 Below Rap.

50 Below Rap was created as a marketplace for diamonds listed at 50+ Below Rap.

Looking for a deal ? looking to offload stones quickly? you’ve come to the right place. 50 Below allows you to search the inventory of hundreds of wholesale diamond vendors, pawn shops & retail stores free of charge, diamond listed here are priced to sell allowing you to make a buck!

Listing Diamonds Fees

Fees are .10 - 30 cents per stone per month depending on how many credits you buy.

To list your diamonds you’ll need to buy credits, once stoned are uploaded, credits will be deducted from your account. The more credits your buy the less it costs to list stones.

Fee Table
5 stones free to list per month Free
100 credits .30 cents each $30
300 Credits .25 cents each $75
500 Credits .20 cents each $100
1000 Credits .15 cents each $150
5000 Credits .10 cents each $500
Credits will expire after 1 year.

Stones can be uploaded using the same format you use when uploading to Polygon or Rapaport.

50 Below is for Trade members only