When I created 50BelowRap, I vowed not to charge for its services and to generate income by selling advertisements. 50BelowRap has been growing by leaps and bounds, many buys and sells take place each and every day through 50BelowRap. 50BelowRap has become international as well. Many of your members are for Israel, India, Russia, USA, Belgium, just to name a few.

By you buying advertisement space on 50BelowRap first and foremost you are supporting the only FREE market place for diamond dealers such as yourself. Secondly you will be getting the most exposure for you buck.

Here is how it works, your ad will be displayed 1)Banner in emails 2)Banners on the site.
Banners in email
Each time a request is made we send out emails to all our members, you banner will be inserted for all to see. We guarantee to send your banner in over 80,000 emails each month.

Banners on Site
When a diamond search is done banners display on both sides of each and every search.

Zev Oster


Banner Size:  225x60 in jpeg or gif format.